Horicultural/nursery labels must be tough enough to make it through the various horticultural processes from beginning to end.  That means the bar code ribbon and label must have excellent resistance to outdoor elements including humidity, UV, moisture, dirt, fading and mechanical destruction, so plants can be identified and tracked from the supplier, to the reseller, to the end user.  Thermal transfer ribbons for horiticultural/nursery applications can be printed on tag stocks like Valeron® V-Max, or polyester self adhesive labels used on plant stakes, tie-on tags, hang tags, flats and pot labels. 

PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Midrange™ (ESM™) wax/resin ribbons offer a flexible, durable and extreme wax/resin product formulation that can withstand the environments that they are exposed to in horticultural/nursery settings.  To find a PrintheadSaver® ribbon/label combination for your specific application, log on to our ITW Thermal Films Extreme Solutions™.

PrintheadSaver® ribbons for horticultural/nursery applications include:

Horticultural Applications