ITW Thermal Films Extreme Solutions™ are value-added resources that help you find the right ribbon/label combination for your specific market and labeling application.  All documents are available in downloadable PDF format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat reader.


Flexible Packaging Solutions from ITW

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Chemical Drum BS 5609 Certified Labeling Solution From ITW Thermal Films and MACtac®

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PCB Technical ReportPrinted Circuit Board Labeling Solution From ITW Thermal Films and FLEXcon

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Authenti-Mark™ -UV Fluorescing Security Marking Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

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ITW Thermal Films B324 is added to Fasson Customer Ready Durables PortfolioB324 Durable Extreme Series Resin™ has been added to Avery Dennison's Fasson® Customer-Ready Durables Portfolio

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ITW Thermal Films and 3MITW Thermal Films Extreme Series Resin™ Ribbons and 3M™ Label Materials

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Halogen-Free, Flame Retardant Electronics Labeling Solutions from ITW Thermal Films and Polyonics

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ITW Online Coding

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MACtac, cab, and ITW Thermal Films GHS Brochure


3M Harsh Environment Solution